Muhsin Kids was established with the intention to promote play and hands-on learning among Malaysian children. We believe each child is unique – the developmental progress is different, as well as passions, talents and skills. Therefore, a child shall never be compared to another child. Instead, each child shall be given ample opportunities to explore his/her strength, be empowered in the learning process and be guided/supported in acquiring required skills, be it for academic purpose or for life in general. We believe this will instill self-confidence in the child, opening broad possibilities in the future.

Children’s knowledge shall never be restricted to curriculum demand alone. We strive to allow children to broaden their perspective about the world through exploration, meaningful learning and opportunities to express ides through communication, as well as creation.

At Muhsin Kids, we believe that acquisition of English language does not only help in academic achievement, but it is actually super important for receiving beneficial knowledge from all over the world. Therefore, in our classes, English language will be used as medium of communication, which will benefit children to hear, practice and refine their proficiency in English, in sha Allah.

As of now, we bring to you:

  1. Online Shop
  • We direct sell learning materials and toys, supplied from all over the world.
  • We custom-designed teaching and learning tools for parents of young children, as well as early childhood educators.
  • We sell quality books, from all over the world, to broaden your child’s knowledge through interactive and attractive readings.
  • We also distribute good quality and authentic children islamic books, to instill islamic value in children.

Most importantly, we will in sha Allah continuously share with you ‘how-to’ and tips pertaining to early childhood education.

2. Homeschool-styled Enrichment Classes for children age 3 – 10 years old (will be available soon)

For any inquiry or suggestion, please email to by clicking here.