The language of hadith often goes over children’s heads, leaving them uninterested, and unable to retain the information.

Alhamdulilah, not with this book!

The child-friendly explanations, lively design, illustration and section on how they can use the wisdom in their lives, will build a new love for hadith in young hearts In sha Allah!


Suitable for age 5+

By the author of My Dad’s Beard, Zanib Mian

64 pages, 24 x 24 cm, paperback.

This book was reviewed and approved by SHAYKH HAYTHAM TAMIM OF THE UTRUJJ FOUNDATION

What people are saying:

“Love this! Brillaintly done by Zanib Mian. can’t wait to share with my son” – Shabana Hussain

“Love it!! Masha Allah. Cant wait for more!” – Salimah Ahmed

“Brilliant as usual from Zanib Mian, Masha-Allah!” – Nousheen Gutta

“Fantastic, Zanib. Love it!” – Lama Asad

“Allah has blessed you with this amazing talent of making Islamic teachings easy to explain. “ – Anonymous

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