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COMBO My First Puzzle 6-in-a-box (a set of 5 puzzle boxes)

RM 75.00

Puzzle is good to promote thinking and motor skills of a child. The attractive animal features with vibrant colors in this set helps to attract your child to solve the puzzle. This set includes:

  • Garden animals (pink box).
  • Ocean animals (blue box).
  • Zoo animals (orange box).
  • Animals and transportation (red and yellow boxes).

We recommend you to start with the puzzle of least pieces, hence it will be easier to be solved. This will psychologically build your child's confidence, believing that she/he can solve a challenge by her/himself - "Hey, I can do this!" Then, gradually increase the challenge by giving a puzzle with more pieces, and so on. She/he will then be a 'master' in no time!   

Suitable for children with the age 2+. More info about the set: 

  • Thick cardboard.
  • 6 animal-puzzles in a box.
  • 3-6 pieces per puzzle.
  • Storage box.